Experienced people you can Trust


When you add the talented people at Creative Performance Solutions to your team, you get more than a consulting firm. You get the Firm's top consultants.

You see, at CPS, each partner has years of relevant experience, doing the very things that you need to take your bank to the next level. You will enjoy meeting with people who really understand your business ... your profitability goals ... your consumer-driven environment. And yes, experts who understand the intense demands for accurate information from the top down and the bottom up.

Remember the time you hired that other, large consulting firm? Relationships were built at the top of the firm. But somehow, during the implementation, you discovered that the top people you met at dinner were not actively involved with your bank each day.

At CPS, the people who plan your bank's project are the same people who will deliver to you what was promised. You can count on the experience of partners Molly Smith, John Bogdue, and Larry Foat, who will personally meet with your staff and help them achieve exceptional results - by applying best practices and solutions using expertise that only seasoned industry veterans can deliver.

Let's meet the CPS banking experts. You can trust them to provide you with the advice you need to succeed. Contact CPS experts.

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